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Accounting of companies

Company accounts

We provide accounting services for all types of companies in the Netherlands: ZZp, shop accounting, import and export company, V.O.F., B.V.

Payroll administration

Our payroll knowledge includes: VAT returns, annual company balance sheet, profit and loss account, filling in forms, CBS, BPL and other pension fund cases, carrying out NEN9001 certificate, surcharges, business plan, notarial and fiscal matters.


We assist in translations related to the company's activity.

Legal issues

We help with legal problems that can be encountered by any company.

Consultancy and support for entrepreneurs

We help entrepreneurs to run their businesses. We support them with both professional advice on how to run a business and new contacts.

Opening of a company

We help you register a new business and open a corporate account.

Last year over 120 companies trusted us!
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